Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Veil Of Maya

The ice is nearly melted, yet it still seeks to gratify its ego by basking in the sun. msingh


satvinder said...

Just came by to say "ello"... so Ello! Hope you're well, veer ji.
smiley (",)

msingh said...

Ello sat ji, jithey oh rakhda othey ee theek yza.

maybe I should also try to follow the 'less is more' maxim.


ss said...

Also, faster is not necessarily better.

msingh said...

Unless of course, it's faster in a slow sort of way.

msingh said...

And nothing is better or worse in isolation; 'better' or 'worse' arise only in relation to another, but beware, what is better in relation to one may be worse when compared to another.

So faster is not necessarily faster, let alone better.

msingh said...

And the same applies to 'better'; what felt as better one day may no long seem so on another day.

"I felt I was a better sikh than xxx, but when I met yyy I realised that this was not the case"

So, 'faster' is not necessarily 'faster', and therefore is difficult to say if it is 'better' (and anyway, 'better' is not necessarily 'better').

1 faster could be faster and better
2 faster could be faster and worse
3 faster could be slower and better
4 faster could be slower and worse
5 faster could be undefined and better or worse
6 faster could be undefined and neither better or worse (undefined)

It is where it is, neither faster nor slower.

msingh observing himself said...

msingh, the fool cannot still resist stoking his ego with his clever sounding words.

satvinder said...

MSingh veer ji... It's okay to have fun. Please don't beat yourself up over it. Anyway, I think it's pretty clever stuff and I always learn from your comments.

ps. I've given up on work today (",)