Thursday, June 22, 2006

Golden Milk

Being the sort of person that I am, I can't help letting you in on a secret (if you didn't already know, that is).

Haldi (turmeric), the yellow stuff used in everyday Indian cooking is supposed to have beneficial effects. A rather pleasant way to consume some on a regular basis is in the form of 'golden milk'. Simply put some haldi, honey and almond oil (you could use ghee instead) in a glass and add boiling milk. Stir and enjoy.

Some links on turmeric:

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msingh said...

I sometimes wonder wether the haldi we buy from the store is pure or adulterated - one of these days I will get hold of fresh haldi, dry it and and grind it to see if it tastes any different from the store variety.

msingh said...

Can you believe I bought the Roopak Haldi in the picture from a shop in Karole Bagh, Delhi, hoping it would be purer than the standard stuff we buy here.

Anoop said...

I can't believe that. Thigs are more adulterated in India.

msingh said...

The haldi we buy here is imported from India, and this Roopak make was from an expensive shop which specialised in nuts, herbs, spices, etc.

To be honest it does taste different - a bit more bitter.


ss said...

I hope you're not feeding that to fly baby :-)

We're tracking you down :-)

Incidently we had a similar discussion on my blog a while ago, when we were discussing hot drinks before bedtime to help assist with sleep - but I still havent tried it yet.

Sifar said...

In Indian style cooking "Haldi" is an integral part of cooking. Thats why I guess the old Indian ppl. would never forget about animosity with relatives or other ppl.... hahaha... (in reference to article on Haldi slowing down the Alzheimers)

upinder kaur said...

Do you really think you can trust any one Roopak or Harigokal(both are in Karol Bagh and have cut throat competition)? Best is to buy the roots as such and grind them.I had been growing it in my garden also once or twice and to my utter surprise the colour is much lighter than the one gets in market.But enthusiasm faded very fast and ultimetly I have to buy it only....