Thursday, June 01, 2006

In Pursuit of Being

* finding a place in society

* fit for purpose

* going with the inner flow

* listening to one's roots

* seeing through the dust/fog

* recognising it's / one's mission

* playing one's role

Merely some initial musings as to the secret of achieving ultimate equipoise and freedom, where there are no more doors left to open.


msingh said...

Image borrowed from

Sikhi Seeker said...

Lovely image that is.

As for your initial musings, it is interesting to note that 'finding a place in society' is one of the steps leading to achieving freedom. I'd have hardly ever considered to find this in the list. But might as well be right....for sure right for the practical world, where no equipoise or freedom comes without it.

Freedom of new ties...


msingh said...

was I thinking about feng shui when I wrote this? In any given moment there are numerous permutations as to how one deals with or 'reacts' to the current 'here and now' reality. Within these permutations there must be some which entail less grief than others, and finding the most 'appropriate' emotion/action/reaction/feeling may be the key to achieving equipoise. If one was able to reach this state on an ongoing basis than perhaps the sage will pat you on your back.

Seeing through the mist of ignorance and having found one's place in society, play your role by performing actions that are fit for purpose, while listening to the inner flow and remembering one's roots, never losing sight of one's mission.


Anoop said...

nice image and very interesting initial musings. I will say there are always more doors left to open ( we never run out doors in our physical existence- spiritual existence- it is a different story).

msingh said...

Perhaps that spiritual existence can be achieved whilst still living the physical life ?

Anoop said...

What you say is right. However, I wonder do we ever say - all right I am content with everything.