Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Terraced in Southall

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satvinder said...

lol! Terraced in southall!! Now that is funny.

satvinder said...

sorry i should explain why I thought this was funny... when I said "terraced in southall" out loud it sounded like "terrorist in southall" and this kinda dense terraced housing is is bit of a terrorist but I suppose it's better than back to back housing and the aweful high rise flats of the 60's. I went to a seminar yesterday and one of the things that came out of it was that our government standards for density in London is 150 units per hectare but in New York their standards are 70 units per hectare... I know the UK is much smaller than the states but people would be surprised by the amount of unpopulated land that is owned by the elite and the amount of space given up to the masses in the uk. This is another example of the amount of control that the government has over the public and the amount of power it has in the distribution of wealth.

ooo I digress, but needed to say that.

msingh said...

now if the police manage to ascertain that this hypothetical terrorist was hiding in southalll, then the headline might read as "traced in Southall", or even as "Terrorist Traced in a Terraced in Tourisity Southall".

On housing, maybe 150 units per hectare is practical in small 'chunks' with plenty of open space around just like the green belt in London. But sometimes even 'spreading out' can be overdone, like the design of Chandigarh...

A growing issue around housing / planning is that of parking, or rather the lack of it, with more and more areas falling into local council hands as cash cows under the guise of 'controlled zone parking'. If I had the money and were to move house the main criteria would be plenty of parking on the property, so all you bloggers would be able to visit without any worries.


satvinder said...

I would agree if the sole purpose of retaining the green belt were for the preservation of the countryside... it seems though that this has a lot to do with the separation of the classes too. It annoys me that the masses are squeezed into and contained sub-standard spaces in a very small proportion of the land. New housing gets smaller and smaller and a lack of space is not the reason.

ps. Get your parking in quick Veer Ji so we can all sample some of your seemingly delightful cha!