Friday, March 10, 2006

Addictive, Desirable

I recently put up this post entitled "Something Moorish" - little did I realise that the Blog Police would be onto me for misuse of the English language. But I'm not going to be that easily muzzled (or even nuzzled for that matter) by the self-proclaimed malicia who roam the highways of the blogosphere.

Okay, I raise my hand, not an admission to being guilty, but to acknowledge that the spelling of the word 'Moorish' may have been slightly off-colour. Readers tend to think of the word 'moor' in connection with the Moors of Spain (see one of the comments here). My use of this word in relation to food has made the Blog police somewhat edgy.

Spelt 'moreish' or 'morish' the word describes food that is addictive, as in "They make chocolate chip cookies that are really moreish."

But if you look here or here you find the word 'moorish' used in the context of food. In this recent article in the Guardian entitled 'The Great British Crisp' they write "...They were probably made with new or Charlotte potatoes. These are pretty much up there, I'd say, and very moorish."

Surely the inhabitants of the Blogosphere will be supporting me in their droves in this matter!

Now I must stop eating this chevda, it's simply so moreish!

And here are some more words for you to ponder over:

whip round
Bob's your uncle


TeraRoop said...

hahha I liked this post =)

msingh said...

Thank you teraroop ji.

Now where did I put that chevda, or is it all finished?

ss said...

Nice macro shot msinghji


msingh said...

I was going to say thank you ji, but I realised just in time that woops-a-daisy, I didn't take the picture myself, just found it on the internet somewhere - it was a doddle, a couple of clicks and bob's your uncle!.

You might think I'm talking codswallop and that my mind's gone wonky, so please do have a whip round to help me go on a nice long holiday where the streets aren't chok-a-block.

I hope you're not gobsmacked by this comment.

TeraRoop said...



I think that whole TeraRoop going British thing just got flushed down the toilet..

msingh said...

oh I say teraroop, don't be so hasty in making up your mind, may I recommend some reading from the works of P G Woodhouse to put you in a better frame of mind. These chronicle the misadventures of the impeccably dressed Bertie Wooster and his trusty and sagacious butler, Jeeves.

Here's an excerpt.

Tally Ho!

ss said...

Toodle pip!

Or as we used to say - pipple tot!

Otpreka Singh said...

sorted innit

msingh said...

ss toodle pip indeed, though I'm not so sure about pipple tot!

optreka singh ji I don't think Jeeves would approve lowering the tone by resorting to cockney slang (and we wouldn't want wan't to disillusion teraroop any further, now would we...?).

satvinder said...

Lol great post!

S.K. said...

Chaps, I'm speechless...:-)

KKAur said...

haha. funny, i actually have an uncle named bob. we call him 'bob ji'.