Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smagam at Northolt

There was an event organised by the Nishkam Sewak Jatha ( at Northolt over the bank holiday weekend (Aug 2005). It included an Akhand Path, Interfaith Conference, Childrens Camps, Kirtan 'competition', lectures by Prof Surinder Singh, a tabla concert, video showings of various initiatives by the GNNS jatha, an excellent exibition, gatka displays...

As I now own a digital camera I decided to take some pictures. I was fortunate to meet two famous sikh bloggers, as well Fauja Singh the runner, Sant Satnam Singh, Shiv Charan Singh Khalsa and many others.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

inside the temporary darbar sahib (everything happened in open air or in marquees)

the Nishan Sahib outside the Darbar

the famous runner, Fauja Singh

and here is the famous sikh blogger, Gurumustuk Singh (wonder what he is saying...?)

Ardas before the Gatka display

Gatka Player beats the camera (the camera stands a chance if you gave it more light)

executive cars (Bentleys and Mercs) waiting to take Guru Granth Sahib Ji back to the gurudwara

cars and baloons on the ready to mark the departure of Guru Granth Sahib Ji from the site

balloons being released as Guru Granth Sahib leaves the site at the end of the programme


Sikhi Seeker said...


This event looks so INCREDIBLE! Awesome pictures.
Thank you for sharing.
Guru Fateh!

msingh said...

Thanks for the encouragement sikhi seeker.

I'm sure your efforts will pay off and you will be able to baske 'in the sunlight' with guru ji's kirpa.

It is said that the sangat of gursikhs is vital for the seeker of truth.


Prabhu Singh said...

I do like that picture. Though I've figured out a better way to use my camera and I plan to have a lot less blurry pictures.

msingh said...

It's pretty difficult to use fast shutter speed indoors without flash to catch the action. I must spend some time learning to use all the manual controls on my camera.

Judging from the photos on your blog, you're one lucky sikh to have access to such amazing natural landscapes!


SS said...

Totally love the final balloons and clouds shot - it's a great contrast.

Good shot of Fauja Singh too; I;ve got some snaps of Fauja Singh and other Sikh runners from when Fauja Singh attempted to break 11 world records in one day online here:

Ok enough plugging of my pics ;-)