Thursday, November 10, 2005

Seeking Justice

While many (like those who took part in the "Sikhs in the Square" vigil) are doing their bit to raise awareness of the plight of the sikhs who suffered in the killings of November 1984, there also some who argue that it is time to move on.

This article in the Panthic Weekly by Gurmukh Singh puts forward some compelling reasons for not simply forgetting the horrific events of 1984. Two snippets:

How do we move on, when not a single person has been prosecuted for the rape, murder or carnage in Delhi November 1984?

Let us all recognise our humanity, and realise that we cannot accept governments and the police anywhere in the world getting away with torture, persecution and genocide in the twenty-first century.

Do give it a read.


msingh said...

copied over from ik singh's blog by me:
gurinder said...

msingh ji I was unable to post my comment on your blog for some reason, so I am going to post on IKsinghji's blog. please forgive me.

Comment regarding 1984

“How do we move on”

When growing up, I always thought that subject (course) history taught in schools and colleges was waste of time. I used to impose this question to my father and he would give very good examples why it is important to learn history, however, at that age nothing would to make sense to me because lack of life experience at a young age. But I kept those words with me and I knew that those explanations will begin to make sense sometime in the future.

During growing up years as child it is very important to what kind of external stimulus is being provided by the parents and the enivronment. Even at very young age (infants) will develop trust or mistrust from their care givers. If the child has ben neglected by the care giver than that child will begin to mistrust that caregiver. It is very important how and what kind of enivronment we are exposed at very young age and throughout because these experinences will develop our individual personalities. That’s why everyone is different in their thinking. Those years of our individual history if negelected it would bring out different outcomes in our future life.

History, gives us a strong message that we can sit and do critical analysis of it and come up with positive and constructive decisions that will guide us to make better human beings as well as reshape our future so that those mistakes are not repeated.

If a human being does not learn from their past mistakes and continues to make past mistakes it just because he or she has neglected to analyze their past (history). If we tend to forget what happened in the past then the history will repeat itself over and over again.

The reason we remember history is that we could learn from it and so same mistakes are not made by us or other people who just wants to take advantage of other people.

If a person fall on his elbows and only this person will experience the pain of falling down, whereas other people who have seen this person falling down would do two things:

1) Laugh at the whole scene and walk away

2) Make statement nothing happened forget the fall.

The person has suffered injury is the ONLY person can feel the pain NOT the spectators. Therefore, it is easy to say forget about it by other people because they have not endured that pain at all.

Ask those families whose parents were killed, whose bothers will killed and whose sisters were raped and then killed and small children who were killed by inflicting wounds to their heads.

If we want to move on then the ENTIRE HISTORY of the world should be ignored, starting from biblical times to the present. If those people are willing to forget the entire history then we might move on.

Otherwise another attack is around the corner if we do not learn from the past!

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msingh said...

gurinder I agree. I would add that we should also look at how we fight against discrimination and violence we may have suffered. Is it acceptable to go as far as say the methods used by some of the groups in Iraq?


Gurinder said...

“How we fight against discrimination and violence”

Msingh ji it is a good question.

Best way to fight discrimination and violence not only in India but also in the rest of the world is by the following: (discuss the following in some detail)
1) Sikhs have to realize who their Guru is?
2) Then they have to follow the teachings of Guruji (SGGS).
3) They have to search all the meaning through sahbad.
4) Put lot of emphasis on education for our children.
5) Become a channel of peace and love for others, compassionate for life
6) Finally, not by giving fear to others

Points 1,2,3 fall under the same category: 1,2,3

One mistake Sikhs have made if we look back in history about 25yrs is that they had lot of “JOSH” which is a good quality to fight a battle, but it is 21st century. This JOSH should have been towards uniting under the Guruji’s shelter and we should have asked for guidance. Instead we began to inflame the souls of the young Sikhs who were already brutally injured and promised them that we (Sikhs from other countries ) are behind them. The end result was that we lost over 300,000 young youth who could been used to spread sikhi among other people of Punjab. These souls should have been used for building Sikhism pillars strong. But the promises made by us were false because lot of Sikhs of that time saw some advantage in this whole deal.

The advantage that I personally witnessed at the Gurdwara’s was that these people would lecture at the Gurdwara and ask for financial help and I have seen women taking off their gold chains and kara’s donating right at the moment. Where this money went? In Canada CBC news had a special coverage done during 1990’s that lot of Sikhs who were uneducated and had recently came from India (1980’s) have become millionaire’s. There was a huge investigation going on at that time. These people bought million dollar homes and hotels, apartment and I am ashamed to say that they also bought strip bars!

These people who became Khalsa over night after 1984 attack just to take advantage of naïve people and these same people caused lot of riots in Punjab.
Lets not focus on these people for now.

As I mentioned earlier that True Khalsa had JOSH but they lost their HOSH. HOSH is very important to make right decisions in life for any issue. People become divided because they could not see any good results that were promised to them! Instead of uniting under the umbrella of Guruji we ended up making our new sects and began to make our own rules that would benefit us.

If we look back in history, riots and killings in the Middle East is going on for last thousands of years! Yes! Thousands of years. Have these people gained anything up to now. Well, they have achieved nothing in these hundreds of years. Therefore, the message is clear that violence will not bring any resolution to our problems.

Just remember the basics of Sikhism are the Mool mantar, where God is fearless and does not give FEAR to others! Therefore, Guru Gobind Singh ji created Khalsa that would have same divine characteristics as Diving being or at least try to have by the Grace of Guruji! No, our minds and heart has become corrupt and therefore we shall continue to see hard ships not only in India but also aboard.

First of all, we do not even understand our own SGGS then how can we expect have a rule of our own. All of us are in denial because we are not willing to follow SGGS because of our individual egos that make our thinking cloudy.

Once we begin to follow SGGS then there will be unification of Sikhs across the world. It is true that other government agents are trying their best to bring conflicts in Sikhism so that our attention is diverted in other issues! All we have to do is follow SGGS and then Guruji will give us divine knowledge. By obtaining this divine knowledge all governments will automatically bow their heads before Khalsa.

We need to focus on education for our children. We need to make sure that our children learn Gurmukhi, shastir vidhya (good exercise, also brings discipline), engineering, medicine, computer science, arts, politics and religion studies.

Once we have established our pillars in every field then who is going to make decisions, it would be us.

Sadly, our youth in Canada, UK and America are focused drugs and clubs. Youth in India they don’t care about education but they want to get settled abroad with little or no education. Tell, me how can have our own independent country when our children are focused in other areas!

Majority of the computer wizards come aboard from southern part of India. These people have no land or farms back in India but just a piece of paper with degree and now approx 300,000 indians from Gujarat state are present in US and Canada. Whereas our youth is selling their land back home and trying to come aboard through agents and illegally. Do you see the Difference!

We are fooled when we go to Gurdwara every Sunday and see hundreds of people in congregation, but have you noticed any youth from colleges and universities present there? We think that we need a bigger gurdwara since sangat has grown over the years, but in reality it has been growing because parents are coming to these countries in large numbers every year!
Again, we need to make our guruji SGGS and at the same time spent lot of time on our youth so that they can excel in their choice of field.

One thing for sure, one day khalsa will have their homeland in the future but not in our time. Because we are too busy making money on one hand but losing our children on the other hand. What profit have we made at the end? We need to balance our life so that we could have enriched life style but also focusing on our children.

We need to carry the mission of Guru Gobind singh ji, not on others but on ourselves. We need to clean our minds of corruption and filth. The cleansing process will bring positive turn on our youth and maybe on our neighbors.

Khalsa will win one day, only with Peace and Love. Now it might seem impossible but see our entire history and what is written in sGGS. If we do not Believe in SGGS then we will use Force, which will cause further chaos in our religion.

msingh said...

Gurinder Ji thanks for your post; you have raised some very searching observations / issues.

“...these people would lecture at the Gurdwara and ask for financial help and I have seen women taking off their gold chains and kara’s donating... ...Where this money went?”

“We are fooled when we go to Gurdwara every Sunday and see hundreds of people in congregation…”

The problem we have is that the many gurudwaras, a central focus for Sikhs, have been hijacked by people who either do not have the vision, or have motives other than service of the community. For example, it seems to me that projects like the Sikh Aid people are undertaking should be a core activity of gurudwras. We need to reclaim the gurudwaras – it would be interesting to look at the Esopanalo Sikh community gurudwara model in this context.

“...Khalsa had JOSH but they lost their HOSH. HOSH...”
Sadly this is partly due to the hijacking of the gurudwaras – sadly those running the gurudwaras will not entertain people with hosh.

“...uniting under the umbrella of Guruji...”

This is a difficult one, perhaps a real leader is what we need....

“Once we begin to follow SGGS then there will be unification of Sikhs across the world.”
Reciting gurbani and trying to understand the message would be a good start. The real culprits, kam, krod, lobh, moh, ahankar are not so easy to control.

“We need to balance our life so that we could have enriched life style but also focusing on our children.”

Too true


Gurinder said...

1) “This is a difficult one, perhaps a real leader is what we need”

No one ever told us that these tasks are going to be easy. Just to sow the seed of sikhism starting from our fifth guruji began to tolerate torture and death and went upto tenth guruji and his sons!

No one promised that way of sikhi is going to be easy! But that is the real challenge of life. Once we begin to contemplate on Guruji’s word then our minds will be washed with the nectar of gurbani, and out of that someone with pure mind and heart will come forward before us. Real Leaders are not born overnight, but we need to choose SGGS as our real Leader!

2) “The real culprits, kam, krod, lobh, moh, ahankar are not so easy to control.”

Yes, very true. But all of this is created by God. When we will surrender ourselves to the Guruji then everything will be washed out of our bodies. We need to believe in guruji, and we need to pray and be more practical. These things are created to judge the mentality of people.

If someone goes to college and sits in the class but never does his homeworks or studies then this person can keep on going to university all their life. Do you think university will grant this person a degree because he has spent his entire life in the class room listening to the teachers but never passed his EXAMS!
If the institutions of this world will grant us a degree or diploma afte working hard for many years then why should not God have his own way of testing the mentality of the human kind!

Again, life is not Bed of roses!

You know what? In next 100yrs people will realize the real meaning of sikhism and they will florish it with their love and hard work. Do you think people like us who are orginally from punjab have the capacity to spread the message of sikhism. My answer is NO! The reason is that we are not willing to give our head to our guruji, until then we will continue to suffer.

Msingh ji,

We are really being tested! We need to open our eyes and realize the presence of Guruji.

Let every parent be a Leader in their own HOMES. By teaching children and by doing sewa not only towards our community but also other communities so that people could smell the essence of sikhism and realize that this is the final destination.
Lets promise to ourselves that we will do meditation and sewa, speak sweet words with everyone. Spent quality time with our children. Help our mothers, wives and sisters in house work! Lets start this sewa first at home then take it to the Gurdwara! Then to other community! For how long we will keep deciving our Guruji. Actually, by doing deciving God we are back stabbing our selves.

Leader! Give our sons and daughters the qualities of leadership by education, simran, and discipline. Then rest is in the hands of Guruji. At least we need to try and work hard! Again, no one made false promises on the path of sikhi and that is the real challenge of life!