Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Gleam of Maya

Hard, crisp, in silence does the beauty gleam
Night’s cold hand has done it’s work, it would seem
Go it must, the grandeur in face of the rising sun
Trappings of former glory, truly now on the run
Meditate, who knows what tomorrow may bring
Brief the charm of maya, remember this msingh

Time has come to start wearing gloves and getting the ice scraper out to clean the car windscreen. This shot taken in the garden this morning - more photos can be viewed here


msingh said...

Having read it a few times I changed the text from the original posting. This is the original version.

Hard, crisp, in silence the beauty gleams
Cold night has done it’s work, it seems
Brief the glory, no match for the rising sun
A once early splendour, now is on the run
meditate, who knows what tomorrow may bring
brief the charm of maya, remember this msingh

ss said...

I love the pictures in this little series - I'm going to have to try and don my scarf and gloves and do some frosty pics as well.

Great shots msingh ji


Inderpreet Kaur Bedi said...

ssaji...thnk u for the comment...i have nothing against u...hehe..well i'll change the color of my font...ok...sry for any probs. tc

msingh said...

Thank you for your 'ashirwad' ss ji, look forward to seeing your pictures. Gatka masters needing to don scarves and gloves..., I don't know.

Inderpreet Kaur ji thanks for dropping by, btw I don't have anything against ss so far.... lol!


Sikhi Seeker said...

Absolutely gorgeous frost :)
Thanks for your thoughtfulness through my absence!

ss said...

Lol - I wish I was a master at gatka. If I can be as half as good as our ustaads then I will be happy.

Erm - no idea about this font thing - I'm totally lost; nothing new there.

Right where did I put my scarf; ah they it is next to my gloves.Oh look a soti and a taal as well - thats handy :-)

msingh said...

I can see it now, a couple of singhs donned in scarves, gloves and overcoats practicing gatka in the cold solitary park, except for all the squirrels who are standing around watching...


Anonymous said...

beautiful picture!