Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Young People With Old Ears

I've never been a fan of using headphones or earphones; it just seems common sense that unless you are careful with the volume setting and how often you use headphones, the long term effect is not going to be good. Why not try watching the tv by sitting right up close to it for a few weeks?

If you are inclined to use headphone often, then this article in Wired news should prompt you to re-think.

"Hearing specialists say they're also seeing more people in their 30s and 40s - many of them among the first Walkman users - who suffer from more pronounced tinnitus, an internal ringing or even the sound of whooshing or buzzing in the ears"


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SS said...

Interesting and I can see this will be a potential problem. I was wondering how much difference (if any) a dastaar would make - probably none considering we hear perfectly well through it; but it would be good to know if this does provide some additional protection.

For my own particular "semi-humourous" problem with headphones - please see this entry on my blog