Sunday, September 25, 2005

Images of Harmandar Sahib

Some things stick in your mind when you come back from a trip abroad. Last year I was fortunate to visit Hazur sahib and Harmandar sahib during the month of august. This is of course when it's really hot, and some people just don't like going then. I reall enjoy being there and soaking up the heat. All that profuse perspiring and drinking loads of fluids (mmm... lovely freash pomegranate juice, badam milk, ...) can only be helping to cleanse the body.

Visiting Harmandar sahib is something that one remembers, so here's a few pictures I took with a borrwed camera that I took with me:

Maybe I'll post some more picture from this trip another time.

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BCSikhYouth said...

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa,
Vaheguru ji ki fatheh!


Beautiful images. Thank you for posting.

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa,
Vaheguru ji ki fatheh!

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