Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nagar Kirtans

I've got mixed feelings about nagar kirtan events. I can recall some nagar kirtans where I felt involved, energised and uplifted. But recently I've felt more detached, and almost like a bystander. Could this be because nagar kirtans are becoming more like a mela, a day out, where distributing free food and drinks is the highlight? (I know some people for whom eating 'Rocky's' burger and chips IS the highlight!).

Also I've not seen any innovation or progress as to how the event is organised. We still don't seem to be able to to walk in a discplined and orderly way, without pushing and shoving. Maybe it's just me...

Anyway here are some pics of the nagar kirtan in southall, april 2005:

Panj Pyaray

The traditional Nagara being played

The decorated float graced by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

A view of the Nagar Kirtan near the Park Avenue gurudwara

The law, usually a low key affair as there is normally very little trouble

Another view of the Nagar Kirtan

This cameraman is probably from one of the asian satelite channel broadcasters

A short video of the nagar kirtan 6/9/2005


Sikhi Seeker said...

I actually have never attended a Nagar Kirtan **EMBARRASSED**...

But I sort of know what you are talking about. Every year the girls are excited for this event, but sadly yes, the excitement is more for a good day out sort of thing. I think this is sad. But I still appreciate their taking the time out to attend them. Cuz these occassions represent Sikhs to the larger public in areas that we reside. Me, however, is always either working or school or some random excuse...I don't know...why I have never been to a Nagar Kirtan.

But I do go to the Gurudwara that day once/twice to pay my regards...

Next year hopefully will be different and defintely better in terms of involvement and chardi kala for all of us :D


Sikhi Seeker said...

..and the sarcasm for the camera dude from asian satellite...MEAN!!!

Gurpreet.Kaur said...

Great blog, nice pics, carry on posting, dont end up like me (I post once every lifetime :S )

msingh said...

My post may have been a little negative but I do think the nagar kirtan in it's true form to be a wonderful chardi kala experience. sikhi seeker I hope you get a chance to take part in a nagar kirtan (we'll read about it on your blog!)

thanks gurpreet, it's too hard, too much work to keep posting, I may end up like you!


msingh said...

I forgot mention this link


Gurpreet.Kaur said...


msingh said...

I didn't know the blogs were policed! The caps must mean it's an order. I'm going to get skaur onto you.....

On a serious note, I'm not sure about this blogging lark, wether I will survive and carry on, or disappear into the ether.

As you'll see I have updated the bog (or even blog).


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that Nagar Kirtans are becoming more of a mela than a spirtual affair.In India the traffic jams caused by Nagar kirtans are more of a harassment than enlightenment!
We need some changes there...
Nagar kirtan should be pure kirtan without causing disturbance to others.
Bhul Chook maaf
Guru Bhala Kare