Sunday, July 08, 2012

Beyond Description

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Although we profess to describe how great God is, it would only be possible to have any inkling of His greatness if were to catch a glimpse of Him. Verily, God is beyond value or description, and even if we try to do so we would become lost in His infinite expanse. No one can describe the extent of His virtue or the vastness of His expanse.

Even if all the intellectuals and all the spiritual teachers and their teachers got together to discover God, they would still be unable to even begin to describe how great the wonderful qualities of God are.

Qualities of truth, goodness, austere discipline, moral excellence, and those associated with seekers of truth are solely in God's domain. But if God through his grace wishes to bestow these qualities on us then no one can stand in the way.

So we are helpless in describing God's greatness, try as we might to praise Him. He provides everything for us, yet we are unable to comprehend or describe Him. By realising this truth our life will surely take a turn for the better.

Link to Shabad in Punjabi 8/7/2006


msingh said...

There's supposed to be a embeded audio player at the top above the text to enable you to listen to a shabad. I use Mozilla firefox on my pc and seems to work fine here, but not sure about Interent Explorer users.

Would appreciate feedback.

satvinder said...

It works fine here veer ji.

Beautiful post. Just beautiful.

msingh said...

satvinder ji thanks for the feedback. Wonderful kirtanias, the late Bhahi Dharam Singh Zakhmi and his jatha. I still remember the 'good old days' when I used to go to listen to their kirtan at the original Singh Sabha gurudwara on Havelock Road.

ss said...


I hope no more words that that are necessary :-)

Jatinder Pal Singh said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fathe

Dear MSingh Vir Ji may i know your full name, you have great knoldge of Sikhism, You can guide the peoples by your Knoldge, which Waheguru Has Give you, Please guide us.

Fathe Ji

msingh said...

Jatinder pal ji I'm afraid you're greatly mistaken in your impression that I have great knowledge of Sikhism and that I'm capable of guiding others. Perhaps in reality it would be more accurate to describe me as a parkhandi, who doesn't know much and doesn't follow Guru ji's teachings, bound as I am by the shackles of maya.

The text of this post is not mine, it's simply the translation of the shabad "wade mere saheba..." I took from sikhitothemax and rewrote in slightly different way.

Wishing you chardhi kala.

Anonymous said...

What about God? He is too vast to be designated by a single name or to be represented in single form. We have claimed the right to craft infinite varied renditions of God inorder to be in contact with atleast one of his qualities. All sources of inspirator, isn't is in every one of us.

bhaimsinghji said...

Perhaps we too need to recognise and let go of all the boundaries and limitations we have created, such as attachment to family and friends, or getting bogged down by the rat race. Only then can we begin to realise the potential of the source within us.

Kaur said...

MSingh veerji,
Thank you for the beautiful post. Hope to read & listen to more shabads, if possible.