Monday, September 19, 2005

Macro Mode

I was experimenting with the macro mode on my camera the other day, here's one of dried flowers that I thought turned out quite good:


Sikhi Seeker said...

its phenomenal...
I'd never think they are flowers :)

So you in photography or something?? lol

Anonymous said...

you are quite a good phtographer, from anon


msingh said...

I'm not really into photography that much, I bought my first digital camera about 6 months ago, still haven't started using it properly. I thought I'd post this to show that even a novice like me can come up with good results sometimes.

If you have macro mode on your digital camera give it a try!

ps thanks for the encouragement

Gurpreet.Kaur said...

Whoa, nice pictures, well done!

SS said...

Bhaji, that is really nice. I like the colour in this shot as well.

As a relative newcomer to this myself - I've only just started playing with the macro mode on my camera (Canon Powershot A510).
If you'd like a look at some of mine there are some on my blog and some on my FLickr images site

[Shameless plug]
The following is a close up of a web with raindrops on it

The following is from a flower in my backgarden

more of my blog picture can be seen at

My Sikh related pics can be seen at

Or full set of pics at

[/Shameless plug]

Marfi for the shameless plug - just thought they might be of interest.


msingh said...

Solarider thanks for the compliment. I've spent at least an hour just having a look at the pictures on your site, have to say you've got a great collection, some cool pics, will have to revisit...

The one's with the raindrops on the spider's web are pretty impressive. The Gurudwara in the 'Gurdwara under construction' photo, where is it, and is it complete. Never seen a gurudwara with such a beatiful lawn in front.

If more people get to see your pictures as a result of this 'plug' then I for am not complaining!


SS said...

Bhaaji many thanks for the compliment and for checking the site out. I got so many to post - but I need to start filing them more sensibly and not just dumping my shots in to any old directory. I should index them properly by approx. subject areas. Ah one of these days perhaps.

The Gurdwara is the new one in Gravesend, and I'm afraid that the lawn in front is destined to be a public football ground - something that I am totally opposed to - but the decision has been made. So I expect to see all sorts of drinking and smoking there .... *sigh*

The Gurdwara will take quite a few more years to complete yet as well. It's an ambitious project!

Thanks for the plug.


msingh said...

SS ji I thought it was too good to be true, but I'm going to borrow your picture to share the dream on my blog.


SS said...

Msingh Ji,

Yeah tell me about it - it was news to those of us who care about these things as well.

But some of the local youth are trying to see if the situation can be salavaged.

I'll followup on on your new entry.