Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A closer look at nature

I thought I'd try a few more 'macro mode' picture while in the back garden. I didn't realise I'd captured a bumble bee in one of the photos!

Click on the photo to view full size.


Anonymous said...

m singh ji, i am pretty sure you are some sort of hotographer because you sign your photographs aswell by computer....WOW! that is so cool!

but if you say you are not then you must do a photgraphy job under cover an work for some magazine...JOKING! but cool pics


from anon

Anonymous said...

what kinda camera did you use?

msingh said...

Anon, me photographer? I'm afraid not, but you've given me an idea with the undercover bit of your comment...

As for the signing, I was just messing around with Photoshop (a program to work with/edit photos).

The camera I use is the Casio Exilim P6000, which is not bad, but a little bulky compared to many other models.