Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Letter from Jallandhar

Aug 1982
Does it matter weather God exists or not? Let us be bold and realistic. No man known to me will miss the opportunity to learn from my feedback. Perhaps your already know….

Discard stubbornness, false pride to leave room for principles of a superior nature. Armed with the necessary knowledge and desire, you are a man capable of stupendous achievements.. Th
e talk of running a business and minting money does not have to be a joke…….

Do not be alarmed by the tone of my letter, but consider it a privilege to receive feedback from such a wise and steadfast source. Once again, rise above the rabble and realise the significance of this letter
. The greatest of men have the ability to learn even from their enemies. As for me, I choose even my enemies with care. Only the best face my challenge so that my victory may be that much the greater. True glory is reserved only for those who have scaled great heights, the supermen. Two lines written in the Guru Granth Sahib describe aptly the general malaise that afflicts our society today:
(outside is seen brilliant light, inside the heart is as dark as a moonless night)

This disease is so widespread that one sees little hope of progress. Hypocrisy and double standards are the paths to success today. But beware, we do not seek such success. We aspire after a far greater and nobler aim, the superman. The journey begins with the re-affirmation of self respect, for there are far too many ignorant, misguided and ignoramus pundits who preach the sermon of subservience. With self respect follows the rebellion against established social values and the breakdown of religious dogmas. The chains that imprison man to the animal level begin to break and the flight the brilliance that is humanity begins. Rise, my dear man, rise! So that you may know what it is to live, to feel the infinite joy that comes only to the superman.

There is much to write about on this subject, but it is perhaps wise that I stop here….

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