Friday, November 25, 2005


In conception fresh you were, pristine and unadulterated,
A spark from the great force, magnificent yet sublime,
Through his will, some enlightned and others ill-fated,
All facing the trap of maya, stealthily biding it’s time,
Of praise, blowing your own trumpet you are so fond,
Not listening, ignoring, hurting others, you puny thing,
Before it’s too late, free yourself from maya’s bond,
Your days are numbered, on this you must reflect msingh

This photo is of one of the plaques inside the Singh Sabha gurudwara in Southall. I posted a couple of pictures the gurudwara last month, you can now view the rest of the pictures here. 25.11.05


Sikhi Seeker said...

Thank you for getting me Darshan of such grand Gurughar. You guys have posted pics of this Gurudwara every now and then...but this set is INCREDIBLE! The Gurughar is beautiful. And the pictures were so 'real', i felt right there. The pictures are truly 'Chardi Kala'. God bless you and thank you!

Harpreet kaur said...

very lovely pictures, they are just awesome!


Pretty photos, in the site: msinghphotos, congratulations. Alla Akbar!