Saturday, September 02, 2006

Images from Dubai


satvinder said...

Hi veer ji,

Welcome back!! Hope you had a nice trip. Love the sunset images. Lol so you went to the infamous gold bazaar. The stuff they use gold for out there... it's mad.

Henyways nice to see you back.

msingh said...

Thanks for the welcome satvinder ji, it was interesting to visit Dubai. If you want to relax, Jumeirah beach is definately the place to be.

The question of wether to blog or not blog will simply not go away. So I may abstain for a while....


satvinder said...

I respect that veer ji.

Just so you know... I for one, do like visiting your blog, sometimes to find something that lifts my spirits and sometimes to learn from the perceptive things you say.

Not that I'm trying to infulence your decision in anyway ;o) Well whatever you decide I hope you will stay in touch.


ss said...

I on the other hand have every intention of trying to influence your decision - keep blogging :-)

Been a bit absent myself - mentally more than physically so just catching up - so I'll say "welcome back" as well.
Might even try my hand at this blogging lark!