Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thatha Wars

Somebody who doesn't know about Sikhs might be forgiven for thinking that this guy had a dislocated jaw. Incidentally, although I don't think you will believe me, I have often seen a gentleman who travels wearing his thatha just like this on the Thames line train to London during the rush hour.

Photo taken during a bus journey from Jallandhar to Amritsar.


upinder kaur said...

wonder what people in London think of him !Dislocated jaw can not continue forever.....

Sikhi Seeker said...

I wonder why he chooses to wear it. But since it's his choice, he should be allowed, methinks. But I'll still like to know the reasoning.
wow for his will to defy norms :)

msingh said...

I hope the thatha wearing masses aren't offended by my remarks - it was a little tongue in cheek, the bit about the dislocated jaw.

I think it's quite common in Punjab to see people wearing a thatha (or thathi) on their way to work, be it on the train, bus, car, or motorbike. I think it's simply to save time, as the beard takes time to 'set' into the desired shape after the 'grooming' with the necessary lotions and potions.

This practice must also have been common with the sikhs in Kabul because I see a lot of them wearing thatha in their cars in the mornings in West London.

I suppose in India the thatha doubles up as protection from the pollution dust from the air.

Before you ask me, the question about wether sikhs should be 'grooming' and tying their beards - I think the answer is if possible keep the beard fre flowing. For some, food hygene or safety standards at work may not make this possible, whilst for others the natural growth and shape of their beard makes them look like Catweazle or scruffy unless they 'groom' it.

satvinder said...

lol!! my father in law ties two separately - one for the darha and one for his moustache. The first time I saw him like that - I couldn't stop smirking.

ah bucket loads of useful information again (",)!

msingh said...

I bet he looks ultra-smart when he's done!

One could of course join the Hells angels and then there would be no question of tying or grooming the beard.

satvinder said...

"One could of course join the Hells angels and then there would be no question of tying or grooming the beard"

LOL!! Veer ji, you can only imagine what kind of images that has conjoured up in my head!!