Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Whose Side Are You On?

Have a listen to this for some light relief - recorded off the radio, can't remember who the artists are.


Aman Sandhu said...

Good one.

Puja said...

Sat Sari Akaal, this is by Bhagwant Maan the title of the tape is 'Bhagwant Maan Hazir Ho'. i was in india a few years ago, i picked up a random cassete from the station to listen to on the train, and it was this one. although my punjabi is not very good, but this wasnt too hard to comprehend.
he's hilarious !!
Thanks for sharing.

msingh said...

Thanks for identifying the artists and tape. Now all I need is a partner and we can create our own homegrown punjabi comedy show.

Anoop said...

I think Harbajan Mann defended us pendus very well. Also, I can be your partner for our own homegrown punjabi comedy show.

msingh said...

Anoop all we need now is a script writer for us, and we're in business!


Anoop said...

Let us ask Sikhi Seeker, Sol, Sikhrus Ji, and Satvinder Bhenjee to be our script writers ( They all got very good writing skills)
You, I and Isingh Veer Ji can come up with pendu gallha etc.