Sunday, May 28, 2006

DSingh's Shoe

Drawn by DSingh himself, age 12 years.


Sikhi Seeker said...

woww wow wow!

this is so well drawn....but for a 12 year old, this is fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

awesome! you must be so proud!


ss said...

That is pretty good. Look at the detail!

Anonymous said...

that young 12 year old would be none other than veer Deep Singh , rather young lad with a brilliant mind and excellent personality. Quite like his father wouldnt you say? please congratulate Deep on his excellent drawing of the shoe, i shall remain anonymous as in to keep you guessing to whom i may be. All the best MSingh, oh ok then, just a clue to tempt you into guessing my identity. We are related (",)

reagards, 'the person who will be in the back of your mind for the next few hours'.

msingh said...

anon, even as I speak, you are under surveillance, no clues are required.


Anoop said...

great detain in this shoe- wowowowow!
Veer Deep Singh is a brillant artist. More sketches by Veer Deep Singh are always welcomed on this blog ( especially when we too bored with Msingh's constant musings about being a pappi!)

satvinder said...

This is very cool (",) I like the way he's used an eraser to create bright areas and the illusion of light falling on particular spots on the shoe and they way he's smudged pencil lines to create shadow [at least that's what I think he's done] ... pretty clever for twelve.

Another dudajeerosat in the making?

msingh said...

he's usually not this good, so I was surprised and impressed when I saw this - I'm not sure what technique he used, nor does he know that I've posted the drawing on the blog.

But you're right, maybe I should commision him to do some more drawings.

Anonymous said...

i'm working on a blog(yet, another one...but it'll link the other two, 3, 4...) would love your contributions....i'll let you know when it's up.