Saturday, April 15, 2006

Harmandar Sahib

Taken around 5th april during a day trip to Amritsar from Jalandar.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

nice photo. where did you get the photo taken? (as the photo seems to be taken from a high building.)

Veer said...

we got a nice tan standing in that line. it was february and sunny and in the 80's(farenhiet) and they didn't have these shades.


ss said...

cool capture.

msingh said...

Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the late reply (things always seem to get a bit hectic and it's not always easy to find time for internet access).

Manvir Singh ji the photo was taken from the upper level of the Akal Takht, I'll try try and post some more that I took from there.

veer you're lucky now that they've got canopies and fans now - I remember standing in that queue one time and the rain was just pouring down in a torrent!

Never really got to take pictures properly - inevitably always a rush job if you are tied down (up?) with family.

Currently back in Delhi, impressed by the Metro, miles better than the London Underground. But not so impressed by the congestion, noise and clamour for your custom in the cities here. Much better in the pind!


Veer said...

they have metro in delhi? wow! and it's better than london? truely ummazing!!!!!!! accompllishment.

yes, much much better in a pind!

Veer said...

msingh ji, kuch lamma safar ho gya lagda? seek hath lah kai vapas vi aagayi hai!

*note to self to install gurmukhi on work computer*

Sikhi Seeker said...

And metro in Delhi is better - true accomlishment indeed!

And Msingh ji, koi jaldi nahin vaapis aan di....enjoy your trip, make it a true delight!! Meri taan majboori c :( But I still had fun and am so glad that I made this trip :D

msingh said...

"msingh ji, kuch lamma safar ho gya lagda? seek hath lah kai vapas vi aagayi hai!"

veer ji, sikhi seeker and fellow sikhoggers (very lame) I actually came back last saturday evening, but it's tru what veer says, the safar has indeed become lamma. The world seems different, the baseline no longer seems to be the same, what was once seemed a constant routine everyday feature now rests on shaky ground. The shift in perspective may be temporary, or possibly more deep rooted and permanent.

The outlook appears more bleak and barren, the ultimate reality more perceptible, and the energy to post not as before. So apologies for not posting, perhaps I'll make a start with the easy one's by simply posting some photo's.