Monday, February 27, 2006

Sikh Blogorama

I'm not sure if the title of the post has much relevance to this post, but it sounded good. With my own blog stagnating and the brain in a fuzzy impasse, I spent a fair amount of time meandering my way through other Sikh blogger sites. It struck me that since the blogging phenomena started, in a short space of time the quality of output has really advanced considerably. And there are more new Sikh bloggers coming into the frame all the time.

It’s only natural that I give some examples to illustrate what I mean. Take for instance this post by Angad Singh, I think it speaks for itself. Or this post by Satvinder where she discusses her internal struggle around the issue of the relationship between spirituality and politics. Although a lot of bloggers seem to focus on Sikhi, there are also those like Dr Savi who seem to have a wider remit, this being such an example.

Then there are the seasoned bloggers like the prodigious Solarider (see a particularly appetising photo of jalebis on his blog here) and Sukhmani Kaur, and of course the man himself, Mr Sikhnet. And the blog names can be great as well, like ‘Enlighten Me’, or ‘Wannabe Naam Abhiyaasee

Not to mention the great discussion and debate that goes on if you read the comments posted. Have a look at this post entitled ‘meet the meat’ by Gurumustuk Singh and you’ll see what I mean when you read the comments.

There are hundreds of interesting Sikh blogs out there, the ones mentioned are just by way of illustration, please free to mention others in your comments.


ss said...

Bogorama or Blogorama? ;-)

msingh said...

I'm glad you're out there keeping an eye on things ss! I did say my brain was going fuzzy, perhaps senility is setting in.

(or it could be I've had too many jalebis...)

ss said...

Of course, now that you've corrected it my comment looks weird :-)

I really intend to try that jalebi in warm milk thingy, we should come up with a suitable name for it if one doesnt exist.

Just need to get hold of some more jalebi's now.

Hope you're doing good ji.

Incidently I think in a roundabout way you called me a serial blogger - I have just the right picture to post for that :-)


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

A really good blog is ""

msingh said...

Manvir I tried the link you supplied without any success, but managed to figure out that it's actually ""

And I would like to say that your blog is always interesting, down to earth and often leaves me waiting for the next installment when it ends with "to be continued".

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

waheguru. sorry jee! it was

Thanks for your kind comments. Stay in Chardikala.

Guru Rakha

ss said...

Incidently, I have a list of many blogs down the right hand side of my own; some that I really like are

There's also a very comprehensive list on SikhiWiki.

msingh said...

SS nice idea to display the list of bloggers on your blog in a random order everytime the page is loaded.

I just came across - the first post on his blog is quite a compelling read.

satvinder said...

a peaceful place / site to visit is

satvinder said...

Another well written and placid site

A naam-dreanched devotional place

A fun and high spirited writer

just thought I'd plug some regular lunchtime stops.

ss said...

ss said...

Erm no offense meant if I didn't mention all the ones Bhenji just mentioned - I read them all too :-)

I just thought everyone already knew about them all - thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


msingh said...

satvinder I quite like the "what I learn today" posts on

ss I agree, there are a lot of bloggers we like visiting, but if we started to list them all we would be here forever, by which time you would have posted another 20 odd posts on food. So no offence intended if I didn't mention them all ("...the ones mentioned are just by way of illustration..")

And I hope you're not eating all the cereals by yourself and not leaving some for anybody else, as you might be accused of being a "cereal killer"! (lol, lame fffoert).

ss said...

ah man! That's worse than mine and I was pretty bad :-)

satvinder said...

"cereal killer"! boom boom!

ss said...

I should take a picture of a plate of bashed and crushed up serial and put it up under the title of Cereal Killer - but it's too CORNy even for me :-)

msingh said...

Or even a a picture of a lot of empty cereal boxes with the caption "Where has all the cereal gone?" or "The Cereal Killer strikes again". Hehe, cheesy or what?

Carefull though, the "Cereal Number" on the boxes might give you away.

Hang on, this is all becoming very 'surreal'...

ss said...

surreal!! boom boom!

I give in you are the master punster :0

This set of comments could be turned into a serial.

satvinder said...

hai hai!

Sikhi Seeker said...

A post that has occupied my mind, but moreso my time! So many WONDERFUL writers, and even more wonderful posts all over the bloggersworld...just leads one to another in a never ending vicious cycle. I enjoy reading and blogs are usually addictive (for some weird reason). And even though I don't want to, I spend sooo much time on these random readings. I'm getting only a little better now - I try NOT to comment evey single thing i read, although to me it seems "incomplete visit" for blogs :P.

Oh well, I'll stop rambling, and add my favourite blog names:
- Immortal light
- Sikhs R Us

Wishing you a blissful day full of smiles :)

msingh said...

Agree with you sikhi seeker, spending too much time on blogging / reading blogs can be problematic (like now - I should be asleep!)


ss said...

If only it were just the blogs :-)

My brain needs feeding so often :-)