Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mr Sikhnet in England

Gurumustuk Singh at the Northolt samagam in the UK last year. You can also see Ashwinder Singh in the background.


satvinder said...

Hey, that chap talking to Ashwinder Singh looks suspiciously like MS bhaji!

It's not him but he was there. This was a nice event, but I only managed to catch the last day.

Useless comment as usual!

Hope you are keeping well veer ji.

satvinder said...

Man, that looks so much like bhaji!!! Lol, so funny. Okay well maybe only to me.

Sorry I'll stop leaving useless comments on your blog now.

msingh said...

A helping of your so called 'useless' comments from time to time are most welcome. If you really want to read some useless comments I made on Manvir's blog click here

satvinder said...

haha lol lol!!!

polay chhollay cooked on koilay kise(h) ne(h) kholay!!!

haha... that's put a smile on my face. Thanks veer ji.