Thursday, November 17, 2005

USB Digital TV Tuner

While still awaiting delivery of the LG DVD rewriter which I ordered recently, I came across the freecom DVB-T USB Stick.

This is a tiny USB digital TV card, which looks much like a USB Flash memory drive. The device is a useful solution if you want a second TV in a study or home office, or on the move on your laptop. Having had a quick look at a review or two, I went ahead and added this item to the LD DVD rewriter order.

Well let see how it performs when it arrives.


Anonymous said...

hahaha y dont u just buy a new harddrive and keep the old one in a safe

msingh said...

anon, the hard disk on my pc is 160Gb, with only about 55Gb used so far, so plenty of space still left. The issue is more about having a backup, in case something goes wrong. I know somebody who's just lost 35Gb worth of data, mostly photos because his hard disk failed.

So 'prevention is better than cure' is what i say.


ss said...

msingh, would love to know how this little device works out.

If possible it would be nice to know more (eg reception, internal ariel Vs external ariel if supported etc) once you get it all set up.

I want to get one of these and this might be the one - I'll also need to ensure that there is a linux driver for it.


Sunny said...

I have this piece of kit. It works fine, except that you'll need a much more powerful antenna. The one which comes with it is esentially rubbish unless you have a powerful signal nearby.

Get the £10 antenna from Argos which plugs into the socket and has a blue-light on top. Then it works fine with this thing.

msingh said...

sunny I think thats's what one of the reviewers said, but let me try it out before I the antenna. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have the same problem with reception for the DVB-T "Sunny" what was the make and model of the ariel you got as the orifce for the ariel connection on the DVB-T is much smaller.
Cheers Tim

msingh said...

I've connected the usb to the normal loft aerial and manage to get most of the channels, although the itv channels and c4 are not watchable.

regarding connecting the aerial, I disconnected the supplied aerial from the the 'connector' rathe than removing the 'connector' from the usb - one end of the connector accepts a normal aerial connection. Have a look at this photo I took for you.