Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thinking outside the Box

- to see beyond the norm
- to be a visionary
- moving out of your comfort zone

Two barriers to overcome:

1. Remove perceptual and cognitive limitations imposed by your own knowledge structures

2. Be willing to discard the "old" paradigms that have served you long and well, with which you are both familiar and comfortable. This is the "box" in which you must not be trapped if you are to make progress.

Place your pencil on one of the dots. Using only four lines, and without lifting your pencil off the drawing, join up all the dots.

If you want to see the solution click here.

This post was prompted by solarider's recent 'Khalsa Wood' post


ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

a new good looking temp!!!!

ss, could you please change yours to this? i'm sorry you have such good content but it's soooooo hard to navigate. :)

good job m-singh! shaabash!:) tuhanu A milaiga for design. Wah Wah Dil khush karta!

ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

would anyone like to play chess with me on yahoo?

Sikhi Seeker said...

Mr. Ik Singh ji..u r high on something yo!! ;) [ referring to "marja"..HAHA]

MSingh ji: Lovely template :D

msingh said...

ik singh if you approve it must be okay, I had my reservations - still not too keen on all the star bulets on the right. As for getting an for design, I think it should go to the people who designed it. I got ot from

I'm not very good at chess, plus a bit busy at the moment.

sikhi seeker I agree, ik singh is definitely hyper. Maybe he's won the lottery!


Sikhi Seeker said...

Stars are my favourite thing in the blog :D:D

ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

mine too (stars)!

keep looks awesome! if you really don't like the stars i could change em for you to discs or something. but i love the color scheme.

i'm not hyper but bored out of my mind!!!!! i can't work on anything personal at work but i can surf all i want since i'm the web developer. rightly so...cuz i learn a lot by surfing. like on this blog i just learnt this color scheme...wonderful! what a wonderful color scheme...white on black...c'mon where else could i have learnt to write white on black? :))))

in all seriousness black isn't a good background color for the internet but here it's used nicely. try using orange a lot with this background...that Panj Payarai picture looks awesome over it.

about chess...:(

ss said...

ik singh said...

"ss, could you please change yours to this? i'm sorry you have such good content but it's soooooo hard to navigate. :)"

Do you mean my blog at per chance?

Am open to suggestions; but would love to know in what what it is hard to navigate. If you don't mean mine - then apols for the question.

ss said...

Incidently - academically I'm a computer scientist so logic has played a fair part in my life. I've even seen this puzzle many times in the past.

And could I recall the answer without having to do some work - no! I had to go to the answer. At which point I was duh! I should post the picture of the bruise from where I kicked myself ... here's another of my bruises though:

Lovely eh? :-)


ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

ss, make your images smaller so they fit the content section and don't bleed over to the right.

the white is a problem because there's soooooo much text and the area on the left is just useless white space. it's not doing anything except having us scroll more. i'm pretty sure you can find a template that accomodates a lot of text as you have.

and sometimes the comments will say 5 comments and it'll have just your name five times in 5 lines and nothing under it.

msingh said...

ss, I have to admit I also eventualy gave in and had to view the answer. I guess it illustrates it's sometimes harder to think outside the box than it might seem.


ss said...

Hmm ok - a bit tied up with some other very important stuff but I think I'll move the debate about my blog over to a new entry on my blog. Will update this once that is ready.

Several quick responses - I don't get any bleeding at all on the right. I wonder if this is browser related - I use firefox - can u try that if at all possible. No image is more than 500 px wide and the middle column is more than 500 px wide.

Re: 5 comments - those are trackbacks - ie other posts that reference the current post. It's not just my name you are seeing but a complete link to the post that is referencing this one. Click on the link and it will take you to that posting.

As for the unused left column - this is going to be a three column blog eventually and that space is destined for some other uses that I have yet to work out fully. But I will try and make it smaller so you get more text per row.

I will open a post to reflect his discussion as soon as I can,

sukhmani kaur said...

this symbol of a nine dots joined by 4 lines was and is a symbol of my secondary school back in moscow :)

so i knew the answer already

msingh said...

I wonder what the meaning behind this symbol for the school is?