Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sikhs in the Square

A rally to remember events of November 1984 on Sunday, 6th November at Trafalger Square. Be there! Thanks to solarider for bringing this to my attention (see his post here).

"The carnage was mind boggling. Half burnt bodies were still lying scattered. Some had been mutilated by gorging their eyes. Some had smoldering tyres around their necks. The houses had been completely destroyed and burnt."

"... thousands of documents that conclusively implicate police, local administrators, and even Parliament members in the deaths of tens of thousands of Sikhs in the 1980s and early 1990s.”

From the Harvard Human Rights Journal / Vol. 18, Spring 2005


ss said...

Bhaaji - many thanks for putting this up on your blog. If you wouldnt mind could you also provide a link to the actual post at

as I will be updating this with revised information regularly.

We shall be ramping up the publicity in the coming weeks and all support is most welcome.


ss said...

Bhaaji many thanks for doing that. See you there.


msingh said...

These people seem to be doing good work:


ss said...

Jaskaran Kaur's (of Ensaaf) blog at

is excellent and kept fulyl up todate in relation to Human Rights in India.

She is doing sterling work. It should be required reading for all.


Anonymous said...

i am so amazed to see jaskaran's work.She is putting lot of effort and time to bring all the facts to the public. good work jaskaran. Gurfateh.