Sunday, March 26, 2006

Trafalgar Square

I uploaded some of the photos from my recent foray into london on the London photoblog.


ss said...

msingh some nice shots there.

Whereabout is the statue of Samuel Johnson that you have up at

as I don't recall seeing that I would like to capture it.


msingh said...

Thanks ss. The statue isn't far from the Indian High Commission - you walking along the Strand going towards the The Royal Courts of Justice until you come to a small church called the church of St Clement Danes (now the church of the RAF). The statue of Samuel Johnson is just round the corner behind the church, and right in front of the The Royal Courts of Justice.

You'll also see quite a few other statues there, including some of RAF bigwigs (which I didn't photograph).

satvinder said...

I like the one where you've lined up a shot looking at the end of the london eye! cool. :o)

ps. [made up] International smilie day (",)

Otpreka Singh said...

thanks for sharing

satvinder said...

spreading those smilie thingies again (",)(",)(",)

msingh said...

Hello from India!

currently in jaipur, haven't had a chance to check the internet very much.


Veer said...

Sat Nam msingh ji!!! what you doing in jaipur? have you been able to see the ruins? take lots and lots of pics!'s what you missed:
1. a Nagar Kirtan (check with sol)
2. 10 days in india updates :)
3. ohh and Ni/SikhiSeeker is going to be in india in about a week.
4. you can run windows on apple now...
5. sol insisting on calling me names like victor from some show that i've never heard of.
6. Manpreet Kaur ji got a job as a libarian aka teach immigrants how to blog.
7. satvinder ji working
8. sol working
9. me working
10. you working

Sat Nam!
-ik...i need to sleep NOW!

satvinder said...

LOL Iks veer ji, can't wait for you to find out who victor meldrew is... ss veer ji is gonna be in sooo much trouble. :oP

Msingh veer ji. Hope you're having a lovely time. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures and seeing lots of lovely photos.


Sikhi Seeker said...

hello hello!
So, you are in Jaipur, sweet! My favourite for Rajasthan, however, is Udaipur and Mount Abu :)
Have fun!
Sat Naam Waheguru!

p.s.// I love Ik Singh Veer's update - c how much he cares :D

Dr Savi Arora said...

Great picks.
Also a good place to head for on 30th April, re: Vaisakhi in the Square celebrations. I have details at my blogsite :
It would be gr8 to be listed at your site.
In addition, I've now been recording Sikhwithin, a regular Sikh podcast in English. Maybe I'll charge up my mini-disk recorder and include / soak-up the atmosphere for a future show...

msingh said...

veer thanks for the great update on the things that I've missed while in India - looks like everybody's working hard!

sikhi seeker we only stayed in jaipur for one night and didn't venture any further, hope you have a good trip to India as well.

dr savi I'll update my blog with suggested links once I'm back in London. I visited Majnu Ka Tilla gurudwara in delhi on Vasakhi, too crowded hot and commercialised.

I'll try to post some pichures if I can.


msingh said...

And satvinder and ss it's going to take a while to catch up on all the posts on your blog that I've missed.


ss said...

take your time :-)

jasmeet kaur kokreja said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh....
msingh ji wrote very nice comment.
i like ur comments verji
well thanx veerji for adding more site....
waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh....